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Luminos Lighting Limited

Unit F1, Grafton Way



RG22 6HY


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Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK

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LED Bulbs

We all know the benefits of LED technology but let us share some numbers with you. Offering energy savings of up to 50% on “energy saving” CFL bulbs and up to 90% compared to traditional halogen/filament bulbs, Luminos LED bulbs could virtually pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Once installed, you will see a massive reduction on electricity consumption with no compromise on output and an improvement in the quality of light. Our LED bulbs are instant strike, so no more waiting around for those CFL bulbs to warm up!

Luminos are proud to introduce the next big thing in LED lighting - new LED Candle filament bulbs . Utilising the latest LED filament technology to deliver outstanding performance but at the same time, maintaining the look of a traditional bulb, this breakthrough product even outperforms standard LED candle equivalents in terms of Lumen output.

All our LED bulbs come in a range of colour temperatures, and are all available with dimming or non-dimming options. Add to this the vastly extended life span of LED bulbs compared to traditional equivalents and the reasons for switching are very compelling whether you’re a commercial, industrial or domestic customer.