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Luminos Lighting Limited

Unit F1, Grafton Way



RG22 6HY


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Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK

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The Xscape series LED Exit Signs have been created from a single base unit. This unique feature incorporates a series of specially designed optical surfaces which have been developed to provide the optimum distribution of light across the blade area. The same unit can be either surface or flush mounted with the addition of a surface box. The unique swivel design of the blade also allows the unit to be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall.

The central removable section incorporates all of the electronics, battery charger and battery to provide a 3 hour maintained or non-maintained luminaire. Their discreet design makes them ideal for use in hospitals, hotels and other commercial buildings.

All of these units incorporate the same solid-state light source as the standard down light - Luxeon Rebel technology from Philips. This combined with our Lithium Ion batteries ensures a long, maintenance free life.

On the rare occasion that a battery needs changing, the integrated electronics/battery housing can be easily unplugged and replaced with no need to disconnect wires or risk damaging your ceiling - making for a simple, quick and cost effective job.

Automatic testing to BS EN 50172:2004 (BS5266-8:2004) requires the owner/occupier to ensure the continued operation of the emergency lighting system and specifies a rigorous test regime. These requirements can be time consuming, disruptive to normal business activities and difficult to manage.

Our products report faults or failures as and when they occur, whether or not they are connected to one of our data monitoring panels. Because information is stored directly in the luminaire, information can be recovered at any time either directly, through our hand-held IR programmer or, when incorporated into the system, at one of our data monitoring panels. Either way you can be sure that testing has been carried out in line with the standards and documentary evidence provided.

XSCAPE series

Emergency LED Exit Signs

The XSCAPE series manages all of this for you -  completely automatically, reporting faults or failures as and when they occur.

Luminos Xscape Series Emergency Lighting use Lithium Batteries lasting around 6 years and LEDs that last 100,000 hours!

Future Proof